PHP Introduction

PHP is server-side, scripting language(Event based). PHP stands for PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor.It's designed for use with HTML. File extention of php is .php. Syntax is similar to C, Java, Perl.
PHP ongoing out as a small open source project that developed as more and more people launch out how useful it was.Limits of HTML Open source & free ? ZEND is doing great! Job. Cross platform to develop, to deploy and to use: Window, Macintos,. Linux Powerful, Robust, scalable (Handle the traffic grow with you) Web development specific (Personal web site) Can be object oriented, especially in version 5 Great documentation in many languages SQL is a standard language used to access data in Database Management Systems. Almost all databases implement the standard version of SQL, making it portable across database management systems.Although there are lots of version but they all support at least the major commands (such as SELECT, UPDATE, DELETE, INSERT, WHERE) in a similar manner.
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To work with php we need-

[ ] Web Server (Apache)
[ ] PHP
[ ] Database
[ ] Text Editor (Dreamweaver/notepad++ )
[ ] Web Browser

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