Database creation is the first step for Database Management in MySQL. To create a Database in MySQL, you’ve to start xampp server and go to browser address bar then write  localhost/xampp and press enter key. After that  click the phpMyadmin from the tool in left site of the page. At last click the SQL tab and write “CREATE DATABASE student” this statement and press go button. Then you will find your Database on left side of this list.

If you want you can create database visually with Database tab. click this tab and write your database name like below àPress Create button.

Select Database:

There are lots of database in a server. To select a specific one use this statement “USE database_name” (  write “student” replace of database_name if we use student)

Delete Database:

The statement for deleting database is DROP DATABASE database_name. Mind it that, deleted database is not recoverable. So think about before deleting.

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