Quick Access Toolbar is located at beside the office button and top of the document. It is contain some essential command like Undo, Redo, New, Open, Save, Print Preview etc. If click on the quick access toolbar we will find a dropdown menu where we need to choose these comment.

Undo : Move to previous position on document [ Ctrl + Z ]

If we apply Undo command after typing “World” word then we will observe this word will hide.

Redo : Move to next position on document [ Ctrl + Y ]

If we apply Redo command then “World” word will find again here.

Save : To save every sentence or word [ Ctrl + S ]

When we write something in my document at that time we need to save every sentence so that all sentence will remain In my document after electricity cut off. To stop removing my text when the electricity will remove.

Print Preview: We can see our document before printing to judge the quality what will happen when

we print.

Click here for video tutorial

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