We need to add Title, page number and date in every page of document. Header and footer help to add this item in every document. Go to insert ribbon and choose Header and Footer section like bellow…
Insert Ribbon → Header → Edit header →Write Microsoft Word: Header and footer → then go to footer section → Click on page number beside the header command → choose bottom of page → click on “Page X” .
Observe a nice page number applied in every page.
11. Apply Header and footer for all pages except First page. (Please do it in new file)
Procedure: Page layout → Breaks → Next Page → 2nd page header double click(same in footer) → Click on Link to previous button from Design ribbon → Then write “Excel Tutorial”.

Then take some new page bellow this page applying Page layout → next page. And observe apply header and footer all page except first page.
In this way we can apply different page different header and footer in every page.

All Tutorial => 123456

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