Elements in HTML have attributes; these are additional values that configure the elements or adjust their behavior in various ways. All attributes are enclosed in elements.

<a href="http://www.creativemission.net">This is a link</a>

Few Attributes are given below

Attribute Name Description
action The URI of a program that processes the information submitted via the form.
align Specifies the horizontal alignment of the element.
alt Alternative text in case an image can't be displayed.
async Indicates that the script should be executed asynchronously.
autocomplete Indicates whether controls in this form can by default have their values automatically completed by the browser.
autofocus The element should be automatically focused after the page loaded.
autoplay The audio or video should play as soon as possible.
bgcolor Background color of the element.

Note: This is a legacy attribute. Please use the CSSbackground-color property instead.borderThe border width. Note: This is a legacy attribute. Please use the CSS

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